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To be the dominant player in the provision of agricultural equipment solutions for all our stakeholders.

Our Mission

To avail quality affordable and reliable agricultural equipment solutions on time every time to the farming sector.

Business Summary

Through our renowned ‘Mealie Brand’ and ‘Master Farmer’ trademarks, we are here to serve the local and export markets.

Our Background

Mealie Brand was established in 1939 just before the Second World War in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of implements to the farming community. Supplies before then used to come from overseas but with the war looming, this would present serious challenges; hence the establishment of the manufacturing plant in South Rhodesia by a group of Czechoslovakian refugees.

At that time the company was known as Rhodesian Plough and Machinery Company or Rhoplow for short. After Zimbabwe`s independence in 1980, the company changed its name to Zimplow Limited.

In the years after Independence, the company has grown in leaps and bounds resulting in the acquisition of other units such as C.T.Bolts to become a group. Further in 2012, Zimplow acquired the TPH and the group has since grown with Mealie Brand as a division.

Mealie Brand manufactures and distributes animal-drawn agricultural implements, hoes and other related steel products. The product range includes the single and double furrow ploughs, planters, cultivators, harrows, groundnut shellers, high wing ridgers and hoes.

The Mealie Brand range has come a long way in the fight against hunger and ensuring food security. This translated to the country being the bread basket of Southern Africa at one point in time.

Our Values

At Mealie Brand, we value Excellence Integrity, Wisdom, Teamwork and Respect


We deliver quality in our service, react quickly and positively in our interaction with our stakeholders.


We act honestly and ethically.

Team work

We trust, support and motivate each other


We respect people for who they are.


We have been a key supplier to key sectors and projects in the country.