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Mealie Brand was established in 1939 just before the Second World War in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of implements to the farming community. Supplies before then used to come from overseas but with the war looming, this would present serious challenges; hence the establishment of the manufacturing plant in South Rhodesia by a group of Czechoslovakian refugees.

At that time the company was known as Rhodesian Plough and Machinery Company or Rhoplow for short. After Zimbabwe`s independence in 1980, the company changed its name to Zimplow Limited.

The Standard MB200 Plough
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Our Mission Statement: “To avail quality affordable and reliable agricultural equipment solutions on time every time to the farming sector.”

Our Core Values

At Mealie Brand, we value Integrity, Wisdom, Teamwork and Positivity.

Our Vision: “To be the dominant player in the provision of agricultural equipment solutions for all our stakeholders.”

Business Summary

Through our renowned ‘Mealie Brand’ and ‘Master Farmer’ trademarks, we are here to serve the local and export markets.

The Direct Seeder

Mealie Brand is cognisant of the need for environmental conservation and prevention of soil erosion, hence is moving with the times in providing the necessary implements to suit minimum tillage or conservation agriculture. In this regard, we have introduced products like the direct seeder, hand-held planter, minimum tillage ripper and chaka hoe. All these have thus received immense support from environmental conservationists and agricultural specialists.

The production team is backed by a Research and Development unit that constantly scours the horizon for new and exciting developments in the small and medium scale farming sectors so that we can bring such improvements and value for money to our customers.

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Since 1939, Mealie Brand has always ensured an uninterrupted supply of implements to the farming community.

Our Products

We manufacture and stock a wide variety of farming products ranging from hand-held to animal-drawn and tractor drawn farming implements.

Hand Hoe PlanterA very efficient planting and fertilising mechanism is derived from this handy machine.

It digs basins, fertilise and plants at the same time and uses the hand hoe principle of operation.

MB HoesOur number one trusted hoe for making basins for conservation farming. It is popularly known for its strong , narrow width and long head to obtain maximum depth on basins.

Magoye Ripper AttachmentNo till rippers come in various types and sizes to suit different soil conditions. Designed to support the conservation farming methods, making narrow, deep furrows [minimum soil disturbance] for CA. Breaking pans (underground pans &/or top dry pan) in conventional farming.

Direct SeederMealie Brand’s development in the wake of conservation farming which can be trusted to plant and fertilise with minimum soil disturbance, preserving the nutrients and resources that nature has endowed and has multiple function – trash cutting coulter, furrow opening, seeding, fertiliser application, seed covering.

MB 41 CultivatorMealie Brand cultivator range is of robust construction is ideal for general use on light, medium and heavy soils. The designs ensure rigid, positive width and high performance to sturdy and well-engineered implements for weeding, top soil loosening making small ridges.

MB200 PloughMealie Brand ploughs for land preparation and soil turning comes in various sizes and types to cater for various farming methods and conditions. The plough range is easily used by one person and transported between home and field. They are high value for money and back up spares are available all the time. Remember to buy only Mealie Brand – your guarantee for quality.

3 Section Tractor Drawn Zigzag HarrowMealie Brand’s trusted harrow collection of high performance land clearance and leveling tools bring together the durability and the reliability and versatility to the product.

MB High Wing RidgerMealie Brand High Wing Ridger is designed to efficiently ridge and cultivate maize, groundnuts, potatoes, tobacco and other row crops, making farming easier.

A single row planter operated on a secure, reliable and efficient pitman drive system. The planter provides reliable, effective and easy planting of various seeds (i.e. maize (square, round), sugar beans, soya beans, peas, sorghum, millet) and fertilising system.

Ground Nut ShellerThe Mealie Brand Groundnut Sheller can be fitted with different screen sizes as per customer’s request and is easily adjusted to suit the correct size of nuts being shelled.

Mealie Brand, from generation to generation.


Due to our excellence in the industry, Mealie Brand received the following awards:


ZimTrade Exporter of the year


ZimTrade Sectoral exporter of the year (Engineering Sector)


Runner up
CZI Exporter of the year

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Our ISO 9001 quality management systems drives our motto to delight our customers.

Quality Guaranteed

We are ISO 9001 certified

Mealie Brand has been certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards for the past 15 years. In those years, the company has witnessed a lot of positive developments attributable to having an international management system in place. These range from staff training and awareness to strategic goal-setting and achievement of notable milestones.

Mealie Brand prides itself on being able to maintain the certification successfully upon each re-certification by the thorough accreditation bodies through arduous audits. Being ISO-certified has given our customers, especially on the export market, confidence in our systems and product quality.


Standards Association of Zimbabwe Certificate No. Q319


Standards Association of Zimbabwe Certified: SAZS 861:2003
Farm Implements – Animal Drawn Plough Shares

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We endeavour to protect and work safely in a healthy environment and conserve the resources as best as we can at all times.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We endeavor to plough back to the community and that has made us who we are today!

Mealie Brand believes that it has survived this long despite the daunting economic challenges facing Zimbabwe. This has been driven by our commitment to producing quality products that bring solutions to the farming community and also due to the unflinching support of our customers and other stakeholders. As a result we have seen it fit to plough back to the community by supporting a number of projects aimed at enhancing the livelihoods of the vulnerable members of society.

Some of our CSR activities include:

We showcase below some of the pictures from our recent CSR function at the Mpilo Hospital, where we handed over the refurbished Mpilo Casualty Ward.

We aim to maintain our leadership position by remaining preferred supplier of agricultural implements in Zimbabwe and beyond our borders

Looking Ahead

A bright future lies ahead for the popular ‘Mealie Brand’ and ‘Master Farmer’ brands.

Ground Nut Sheller

The future of the plough still looks bright despite challenges from advancing technology. This is because the plough is considered an affordable and basic must-have tool in Zimbabwe and Africa, which guarantees employment creation and self-sufficiency at local level. We plan to continue satisfying our customers while at the same time seeking continuous improvement in our products and services so as to be abreast of current developments in our field.

Our aim is to maintain our leadership position by remaining preferred supplier of agricultural implements in Zimbabwe and beyond our borders where “Mealie Brand” and “Master Farmer” brands enjoy unrivalled popularity.


The Plough

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