To increase the lifespan of your implement there are some do and don’ts every farmer needs to adhere to:


  1. Avoid using the plough without the hitch assembly as this will wear out your wheel axle, and holes will start to develop on the wheel arms and the wheel hub.
  2. Never oil your axle – this will attract soil particles which are likely to form a grinding paste that will wear out your wheel and axle faster.

NB: The Wheel is made out of cast iron and is therefore self-lubricating!!!


  1. When moving your plough from the homestead to the field and back, we highly recommend that you transport it in a cart (enqoleni/ngoro).
  2. Always clean and remove soil particles before and after use.
  3. Tighten all loose nuts and bolts after and before use
  4. Check all worn out parts for replacement
  5. Store under dry conditions in a shed to avoid rusting.
  6. To increase the life span of your plough, NEVER leave the plough in the field!